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Pep Games

Have fun, get inspired and also learn with Pep Games! A list of ultimate games for indoors, outdoors as well as in office.

Music, Dance & Lounge

Various Dance and Music workshops that resonate with the spirit of the group conducted by our specialised set of Art form based activities

Experience high octane, high energy adventure activities for your outbound program with Pepbox.

Pep Adventure

Under well trained coaches, Pepbox offers holistic versatile programs (mind, body and soul) for every age and group size


Design & Innovation based

Explore the creativity of your team with our Innovation & Design based activities.


Pepbox fine tunes the activities per your CSR objectives.

Pep Games

Pep Olympics


Tower Blocks

Trio Volley Ball

Flying Fox Game

Human Tank

Blind Caterpillar

Plank Roller

Mobile Basketball Ball

Prop Tele-Match Race

Plank Walk

Baseball Fusion

Bungee Rope Challenge

Shipwreck Survival


Ball Bridge Drop

Hoola Hoops

Golf Relay Challenge

Backward Football Goal

Sling Shot

Mini Obstacle Challenge

Trapped in a Web

Blow Darts

Tug of War

Minute to Win Games

Water Plugs

Water Balloon Game

Water Bucket Fun

Hoola Hoops Challenge

Jodi Football

Chain Reaction


Pep Adventure

Bubble Soccer

Human Foosball

Paintball Combat


Bumper Zorb Wrestling

Air Rifle Shooting

Paintball Target Shooting

Glass Walk

Laser Tag

Water Bubble Zorbing

Design & Innovation based

Catapult Battles

Rollercoaster Building

Pyramid Building

Sunny Side

Raft Building & Testing

Rubberband Car Racing

Blind Folded Tent Assembly

Assembly of Gun

The Big Collage

Music, Dance & Lounge

Drum Circle

Pep Broadway

Dance Workshops


Trash Jam

Body Percussion

Ramp Walk

MasterChef Challenge

Pottery Wokshop

Bottle Lamp Making


Terrarium Making Workshop

Origami Workshop



Survival of the Fittest



Toy Making

Tree Plantation

Save the Sparrow Project

Bike Building