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Every participant is not just engaged but also gets a chance to become a team leader, and that too multiple times! Blind Caterpillar enables the unique experience of completing a task solely by using teamwork and strategy while being silent and blindfolded at the same time. Teams agree on a common strategy before beginning the game.


Teams form a caterpillar-like formation while being blindfolded and staying silent, i.e., without using any sound or verbal communication whatsoever. The leader (every participant at some point) directs the team to move as they collect points that are placed along an opportunistic path below.


The cornerstones of the blind caterpillar activity are effective communication, building trust, and strategic planning, which are needed to achieve a common and bigger goal.

1. Time Duration (2) (1)

Time Duration

30 to 45 mins

2. Location-min


Indoors/Outdoors both

3. Physical Itensity-min

Pysical Intensity


4. Team Size-min

Team Size

10 to 500

5. Objectives-min


  • Effective Communication
  • Trust Building
  • Strategic & Lateral Thinking
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building & Bonding
6. Occasions-min


  • Outbound Programs
  • In Office Engagement
  • Team Outing
  • Employee Family Day
  • Sports Day
  • Fun Fridays

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