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The sense of achievement at the end of such an activity is the moment participants cherish! The Blindfolded Tent Assembly activity focuses on leadership and human resource management skills, along with effective communication and Builds Trust. The participants are divided into teams, and each team leader instructs their blindfolded teammates to construct a tent; however, the participants have no idea that it's a tent!


Each team is asked to nominate a leader and team. Pepbox provided the team with a dismantled version of camping tents, but only the team leader was briefed about the activity while other members remained blindfolded and clueless about the task! The leader directs his or her blindfolded team members to assemble the tent efficiently. The team that finishes assembling a tent in the shortest time wins.


This activity emphasises the necessity of goal-oriented team communication and Catalyst for Enhancing Leadership skills to complete any complicated task. It also puts a focus on teamwork and, most importantly, the trust element.

1. Time Duration (2) (1)

Time Duration

30 to 45 mins

2. Location-min


Indoors/Outdoors both

3. Physical Itensity-min

Physical Intensity


4. Team Size-min

Team Size

10 to 300

5. Objectives-min


  • Effective Communication
  • Lateral thinking
  • Trust Building
  • Team Building & Bonding
  • Catalyst for Employee Engagement
6. Occasions-min


  • Outbound Programs
  • In Office Engagement
  • Team Outing
  • Employee Family Day
  • Induction/Onboarding
  • Fun Fridays

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