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About Drum Circle

Drum Circles are high-energy, impactful activities for building team synergy and using music as a catalyst. From simple rhythm patterns to complex yet achievable Jugalbandi, a drum circle is for everyone! Participants are given an African percussion musical instrument called a djembe, sometimes clubbed with a few other percussion instruments, viz., a tambourine, a shaker, etc. Our facilitator starts with participants getting comfortable with the djembe and some basic rhythm patterns. Once in the rhythm, several patterns are gradually attained that create the magical moment! Team Synergy, unless explored, will not result in a spirit of unity or being as one!

Why Pepbox?

Pepbox has been delivering several drum circle sessions for several years now, be it for a group size of 10 or more than 1000 participants! Our success mantra for Drum Circle is our in-house experienced and energetic facilitation team, which can curate any customised Drum Circle flow and delivery, whether it’s for a team building session, a learning session, or simply a celebration of an occasion. Moreover, the inventory of the ‘Djembes’ is again in-house, along with our super-efficient operations team, which ensures a smooth Drum Circle session along with the pre- and post-session deliverables. Check out Pepbox’s drum circle videos.

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